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More Information for Families & Educators

Family & Educator Info

Whilst in the care of a Connections In The Home Educator children will experience a safe and homely environment where relationships are fostered.

Our Educators homes provide an intimate environment where they can care for up to four children under 5 at any one time.

As in our philosophy it is our belief that if children feel safe and secure in the care of a person that they have grown to know and trust, and that they know will meet their needs then they will engage in their process of learning through exploration, play, relationships, and the very important imagination.

We are very aware of the need for Educators to feel that they belong to a professional group of like minded others and therefore we are committed to facilitating regular team meetings with our Educators where the emphasis is on discussing the children’s learning journeys.

We provide readings, information and professional development for our Educators on a regular basis to ensure that they value the importance of their role within the child and families lives.

It is important to us that our Educators feel valued and supported at all times, and often provide opportunities for a little socialising, craft nights & ‘pampering’ too. By valuing the Educators as a person themselves and supporting not only their learning, yet their heart and soul as well, it is our belief that emotionally satisfied Educators can engage creatively in their work with the children.

Your child’s learning journey….

During your time with Connections In The Home Educators will keep a Learning Journal of your child’s learning journey.  We have options for this both in booklet format, as well as via Educa - online e-Portfolios ... and many of the Educators use a little of both!  

In our Learning Journals or on the e-Portfolios you will see photos and learning stories of the children’s adventures, creations, friendships, mile-stones, development and learning outcomes.

You can even invite family overseas to join the e-Portfolio for your child and they will be kept up to date!

Within their Learning Journals you may also find their favourite songs and stories

Magical moments & Memories

Conversations with friends

Beautifully created and child initiated art

Educators will plan individual programmes for each child that will extend on their interests, learning and development. Their programme will link into the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum Te Whariki and Educators will be supported by our Programme Co-ordinators.

The Programme Team within Connections In The Home will regularly update the Educa profiles following visiting each child in the home as well as after trips and events.

Family input into the children’s portfolio is valued and important and we highly recommend this. Our Educators love to hear about the adventures that the children have at home too, and would value families adding this to children’s journals.

We know that that these records become a well loved, and valued memory of not only the child’s time with Connections In The Home but also their childhood moments.

Our Educators also have a ‘Daily Connections’ book that will record an overview of their week at large. This is located beside the sign in sheets and available to read at any time. In this book you will find general reflections on events in the home, outings, and messages from the Educator or our team, newsletters, flyers, info on community events and other relevant information.

Our team of qualified Early Childhood Teachers visit the homes of the Educators regularly and support them with developing individual programmes for the children in their care. These programmes cater for the child’s age, stage, interests and strengths as well as any areas that may need further support. Safety in the homes of Educators is paramount to us and is also a focus of our visits each time we are in the home.

The New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whariki, underpins all that we do and it allows us to incorporate a holistic approach to the children, their families and their Educators in our Programme.

Educators ‘Business at Home’…

Our Educators are valued and very much part of our team. Belonging to a group of professional like-minded people is important for us and therefore we hold regular meetings with our Educators with an emphasis on discussing learning journeys, sharing regulatory developments and updates, latest teaching practices and professional development, as well as reflecting on our daily practice.


Policy Folder and Policy Review

We regularly review our policies and would like to invite both Educators and Families to have input into this process. If you would like to give feedback or review a policy please feel free to read through and jot any ideas on the back of the page of the policy concerned and Educators can feed this back to us at our regular visits and meetings.

Our policies are online and available to our Families and Educators via Educa and also hard copies can be made available upon request.

Parent and Educator Voice…

We strongly believe that in our business the relationship between the child, the educator, the families and our service is vital. Communication is important to us to maintain and support these connections.

At Connections, we are always keen to hear directly from our parents on matters that concern the care and education of their children.

The family’s aspirations for their children will be captured directly with their Educator and recorded in the child’s Learning Journal. However we are keen to encourage more formal ways of capturing parent and educator voices going forward and will, from time to time, request feedback on specific areas of our service.

Your Feedback is important to us!

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