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In Home Childcare Vacancies

Howick, Whitford, Somerville, Bucklands Beach, Sunnyhills, Pakuranga, Farmcove, Botany, Dannemora, Flat Bush and more!


Our In Home Childcare Vacancies for East Auckland are updated regularly.

See below for vacancy details.

Come and Play!  

We currently have limited vacancies with our experienced and knowledgable educators in the East Auckland area.  See below for details.

Our dedicated team of Educators all hold current First Aid certificates and have experience and/or qualifications in Early Childhood Education & Care.  They each have safe & well equipped homes meeting all Ministry of Education requirements, enjoy participating in our weekly Programme events as well offering exciting, educational & fun programmes in their own homes.

We value the importance of the Vulnerable Children's Act and Child Protection and adhere to this when we recruit and register Educators within our team.  This includes thorough reference checking, police vetting, social media checks and many other avenues.  Vicki and Sarah have always selected Educators based on not only the 'processes and procedures' in place yet also on whether or not they would leave their children with those Educators....and we can say we would with any of our team!

We support our Educators by offering a free weekly programme (see our website for further info) designed to extend development & learning for Educators and children to participate in, regular visits to the Educators homes and professional development throughout the year.  Educator Rewards/Bonuses are offered as well as training opportunities.

Availability ranges from part time (2 days per week) through to full time spaces.  We can support families with children aged from infants through to starting school. 

Babies through to Preschoolers

Our vacancies vary due to Ministry of Education regulations around ratios and details are given below.  Nurturing, gentle care for infants is a bonus of home based childcare, where the educators routine fits around the child's routine and needs.  For our older children educators offer a variety of arts and crafts, baking, music and dancing, and so much more are a part of their programmes.  Incorporated in all of this is a strong thread of 'School Readiness' - age appropriately of course!

We are proud to say these Educators are on our team and look forward to supporting both them and the families in their care through out their journey with us.

For further information please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you!



Our current childcare vacancies are:


Bucklands Beach, Half Moon Bay, Howick & Cockle Bay

Howick - Audra currently has a full time or part time space in her home in Moore Street, Howick.  Audra offers a divine home based programme that nurtures and extends each child in her care.  her new home is so spacious and set up for the children to learn as they play.  Her outdoor area is 'park like'!  She gets to know each child individually and designs programmes for each child. If you would like to meet Audra let us know and we can arrange that for you :)

Howick - Our lovely Sue in Howick has a full time space available in her home. Sue is loving, kind and very experienced working with little ones.  We have known her for many years and love to watch her with the children.  If you would like to hear more give us a call :)

Howick - Cathy (La Perouse St, Howick) is enjoying a full home at present :) 

Howick - Our lovely Michelle in Howick (Wellington Street) currently has a vacancy in her home for a child over the age of 2.  You can read a little more about Michelle here or you can give us a call and we can arrange a time to meet.  Michelle is available Monday through to Friday and can't wait to welcome another little one into her home!

Botany Downs - Bianca is a qualified early childhood teacher based on Lexington Drive.  She currently has full time or part time spaces available in her home at present and would love to have some little ones join her 'family'!  Read more about Bianca here :) 

Eastern Beach (near Macleans College) - Our 'Aunty Jo' has a space available now for a child from Monday to Thursday.  Her service is open from 8am - 5:30 each day.  If you are looking for an educator who is just amazing with the children, and offers a fun filled loving & education programme at home then we can't recommend Jo enough!  Call us to arrange a meeting :) 

Howick/Cockle Bay - Tracey has spaces available in her home in Howick.  She has a few of her little ladies turning 5!  So if you are considering childcare for 2018 then feel free to give us a call and let us know.  Tracey is available from 6:30am until 3:30pm each day.  You can read more about the wonderful Tracey here. Tracey's current families will agree that she is a pretty amazing educator and well worth the drive!  You can call us on 533 3512 or 021 332 129 to arrange a time to meet with Tracey :) 

Howick - Sanet currently has vacancies in her home both part time or full time on Elliot Street, Howick.  Read more about our lovely Sanet here.

Howick - Lynda has part time spaces available in her home on Uxbridge Road, Howick.  Lynda is a very experienced In Home Educator with children of all ages....babies to preschoolers :)  Lynda's vacancies are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's :) 


Pakuranga, East Tamaki, Huntington Park, Burswood

Pakuranga - Theresa has full time or part time space available in her home on Grassways Avenue in Pakuranga.  Theresa has the most amazing selection of resources in her home, a fun fully fenced garden and just loves to do arts and crafts with the children too.  Theresa goes above and beyond for her families in her care and her glowing references show that!  If you are looking for care then give us a call and we can arrange for you to meet. Read more about Theresa here.

Pakuranga - Tracey has a space available in her home (Edgewater Drive, Pakuranga) Tuesday to Friday from the end of October.  If you are looking for care with an experienced & profressional In Home Educator then give us a call to find out more.  Tracey and the children participate in our free weekly programme enjoying our Crazy Craft and other activities as well as plenty of fun at home.  

Burswood - Jo has spaces coming up in 2018.  Give us a call if you would like to know more :)

Burswood - Sue is enjoying a full home at present :) 


Somerville, Northpark, Botany, Golflands


Meadowlands - Cindy is full at present and enjoying every gorgeous day!

Northpark - Jo's only available space at the moment is on a Monday :)  Perhaps you are wanting just one day per week for your preschooler?  Jo has a fun family friendly home and attends our Magic Mat Time on a Monday morning where the children have a great time!  Let us know if you would like to meet Jo :)


Flatbush, Mission Heights, Dannemora & Whitford


Mission Heights/Flat Bush - Madhu has a full time vacancy available in her home in  Flatbush near to Chapel Road. Madhu is a very experienced In Home Educator who offers fun at home as well as walks to the local parks too.  Read more about our lovely Madhu here and give us a call to arrange a meeting :)

Dannemora - Bridget is full at present :) 

Dannemora - Marisa has a full time vacancy at present on Kilkenny Drive, Dannemora.  Marisa is a qualified early childhood teacher & very experienced In Home Educator who offers a wonderful programme in her home for the children.  They learn and have so much fun doing so.  Her current families would certainly provide a glowing reference!  If you would like to arrange a time to meet Marisa then please let us know by calling us on 533 3512 or 021 332 129.  Thank you!

Dannemora - Angela is a qualified early childhood teacher in Flatbush who we think is just wonderful!  She currently has a full time space available in her home due to a little one leaving Auckland.  Angela participates in all of our free weeklly programme events and the children have a wonderful time!  Her current families would certainly agree :)  Let us know if you would like to meet Angela :) 

Dannemora - Liza is yet another of our wonderful In Home Educators who offers a fantastic weekly programme (she joins in our free weekly events & does some great craft/science/art activities at home also!).  Liza currently has full time space available in her home and would happily meet with families wanting 2-5 days per week.   Let us know if you would like to meet Liza!

Dannemora - Jo is enjoying a full bubbly home at the moment!

Dannemora - Suzi is enjoying a full bubbly home at the moment!


Are you interested in becoming an In Home Educator?

Do you have a place in your home & heart for another child?  Are you currently caring for children and want to join a fantastic team of Educators?  Do you want the local and personalised support of a team of early childhood teachers and our wonderful administrator...all based in Howick?  

If you hold qualifications in Early Childhood education &  consider yourself experienced in running your own 'business' as a home based educator then we want to hear from you!  We select our Educators very carefully based on their qualifications, passion for little ones and home enviroment as well as thorough safety vetting procedures.

Call us now to have a chat and hear how our recruitment process works, and the benefits for you as an educator with C onnections In The Home.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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